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Group Lessons and Play Time

We offer group lessons with play sessions for children and youth in four sites across Stavanger. Obviously, sites with larger number of attendants do generallly offer a larger variety of skilled players and teaching levels. We currntly have over 90 members aged 5-25 and provide group lessons at the following skill levels:

  • Beginner 1: for players with little chess experience.

  • Beginner 2: for Advanced Beginners who are proficient with the game rules and basic tactics

  • Lower-Intermediate: for players ready to experience rated tournaments against strong players (including adults)

Members are free to join classes in one or more locations/groups listed below. Online lessons are typicaly reserved for players with or wishing to gain ELO rating through Classical Chess Tournaments.

For Beginners and Hobby Players


Jåtten Skole

Weekly classes are held every Thursday at Jåtten Skole. The following levels are available:

  • Beginner 1

  • Beginner 2 (aka Advanced Beginners)

  • Lower-intermediate 1 (ELO 1000-1200)

For Competitive Players

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Professional Coaching

Weekly group & coaching lessons are held online every week. They are mostly intended for FIDE-rated players ranging from Lower-Intermediate all the way to Masters level.

Chess Tournaments

We organise children and FIDE-rated tournaments every year!

Please check the Events page to find out about upcoming tournaments
Chess Tournament
Making Art

Chess Camps

A summer camp is generally held at the end of June, while weekend camps are orgnised on demand.


Please check the Events page for upcoming events. If you are ineterested to attend a weekend camp, then please do not hesistate to let us know

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