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Jåtten skole

Chess Training at Jåtten Skole was established in the 70s. Players range from age 5 to 15 and they grouped based on both age and skill level. Four classrooms/groups currently exist: two for Beginner Players (Beginner 1 / Blue and Beginner 2 / Green), one for Advanced Beginner Players (Advanced Beginner / Yellow) and one for Lower-Intermediate Players  (Lower-Intermediate 1 / Red).


Players first receive a lesson of 45 minutes (30 for Beginners), and then they begin to play a tournament game, typically with a time control of 10+5. We currently have about 35 members enrolled here who meet at Jåtten Skole every Thursday.

After a few lessons at the New Beginner's class, the child's skills are evaluated. At that stage, the child is either moved into the appropriate group or remains in the Beginner's class.

Players who frequently attend rated tournaments are automatically considered competitive players. They will be asked to join the competitive group and attend online classes. Please contact the club to raise your interest about becoming a competitive player.

Meet our local Instructors

Taras Tkachev

Taras is a Professional Chess Trainer who looks after the Lower-Intermediate players who commit to train and play in rated tournaments, aka the red group (Lower-Intermediate level)

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IM Aksel Bu Kvaløy

Aksel looks after the Advanced Beginner players, aka the yellow group (Adanced Beginner level)

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Gustav Hestholm

Gustav looks after players with at least 6 months experience, aka the green group (beginner level)

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Daniel Kjeldsen

Daniel looks after the new recruits, aka the blue group (New-begineer level)

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