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  • Giuseppe Damiano

SSK and SSKU Board Meeting 11-09-2023

SSK = Stavanger SjakKlubb (adults)

SSKU = Stavanger SjakKlubb for Ungdom (youth)


The pandemic period has caused severe losses to the SKU finances and board has taken the decision to increase the membership fee gradually. This financial issue has been aggravated by the lack of participation from members' parents when it comes to helping with the organisation and running of event. That is why Stavanger SKU has not organised a weekend tournament in years and why we must pay willing individuals to carry out work that parents would normally have to do for free.

The resulting increase in Operating Costs and the low club income (i.e. due to low membership fees) means that the club has been operating under loss for some time. Fortunately, SSK operates under a fraction of the costs that SKU must operate with (due to instructor/trainer's fees), thus we can use the SSK profits to offset SKU's losses. Furthermore, SSK will take ownership of SKU's administrative staff fees (i.e. people taking care of payrolls, invoicing, expenses, etc) in order to reduce SKU's operating costs.

Key Decisions

  • Membership fee structure to be changed from per annum (once a year) to per semestri (every 6 months). This is essential to improve the club's cash flow.

  • Membership fee will be increased to 700 kr per semester starting immediately for new members only. All existing members will begin to pay the new fee from since January 2024.

  • SSK will take over the tournament support funding for rated members.

  • SSK will take charge of the support staff looking after administrative/accounting staff and their fees.


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