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Tjensvoll Bydelhus

Chess Training at Tjensvoll Bydelhus was established in 2021, following the classes at Lassa skole. Children are generally grouped based on both age and skill level. Those new to chess are first enrolled into the New Beginner's class, which typically encompass children from age 5 to 10. We currently have about 20 children enrolled here who meet every Wednesday.

There are currently two mixed levels (Beginner 2 and Lower-Intermediate 1) being taught in the same room. Beginners with little chess experience are invited to join the Beginner 1 classes offered from any of the other Stavanger SKU branches.


Competitive players also have the option of joining the Lower-Intermediate 1 Group at Jåtten Skole, the Adults group at Tjensvoll Bydelshus and the online classes.

Meet our local Instructors

Terje Holten

Terje leads this Stavanger SKU branch and looks after players in both groups

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Jonas Gryte

Jonas looks after players in both groups

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