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Two 2nd places for Stavanger in the 2023 National Youth Championship

Stavanger SKU participated with five players in the National Youth Championship, which was played in Skien on 17th to 19th November, 2023.

FM Shazil Shehzad (2291) was the pre-tournament favorite in the A group (17-19 years), but lost two games in a row in Saturday and had to settle for second place with a score of 5/7. It's not always easy being the favorite!

FM Shazil Shehzad (left) finished second in the A group. (Photo: Anniken Vestby)

The D group (12 years) had two participants from Stavanger. Alina Shehzad (1441) performed above her expected rating performance and got a respectable 9th place with 5.5/9. Hugo Chun Rong ended 15th with 5/9.

The E group (11 years) also had two participants from Stavanger. Sophie Damiano (1373) exceeded expectations and ended up in second place with a score of 7.5/9 and a very impressive TPR of 1752. Unfortunately, Sophie lost to an unrated player in the first round, but recovered nicely and beat the eventual tournament winner in their head-to-head encounter.

Sophie Damiano (on the left) finished second in the E group. (Photo: Tanja Kveim)


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